Socially and economically secured Southern Land with skillful proud generation.



In terms of assured a  suitable development in the Southern Province, create a proud generation, proper management of crown lands, development of provincial roads, rural and estate infrastructure development and reporting correct information through policy making and coordinating physical, human and financial resources efficiently in accordance to the national policy guidance.



* Provide educational facilities to all children of school going age group to enhance then physical , phsycological, cultural and social well being and to implement live school mobilization programmes to create the intelligence and skillful of student for knowledgable society.

* Offering land for landless people, legalization of trespassed land, spreading villages & creating colonies.

* Maintenance and development of the provincial road network, comparison of C,D, and E class roads and the planning, designing and construction of new provincial roads, bridges and other road structures to enhance the existing provincial road network to satisfy the road user.

* To ensure quality and accuracy of information through capacity building of media personnels.