Documents necessary to import a vehicle duty-free under the trade and investment policy              

Circular No 01/2013 

01. The Officers at senior level in accordance with public administration circular no 01/2013 and who also complete active service of six years are eligible for making application and the following information must be correct and accurate as the secretary of the Ministry must recommend the application personally after verification of correctness of  documents . (Visit

The application form annexed with the trade and investment policy circular No 01/2013(02. 08.2013) must be completed and sent to the Secretary of the Ministry with three copies with the recommendations of zonal and provincial Directors of education

Appendix “a “must be recommended and forwarded by the Southern Provincial Director of education.    

Appointment letter

The letter issued confirming the Officer in his appointment

The letter of reporting to duties in accordance with appointment letter

The Head of Institution/Department must certify that there are no disciplinary inquiries /audit queries against the Officer.

The Head of institution/Department certify that The Officer has not obtained no pay/half pay leave

A copy of the national identity card

A copy of the letter by which the officer is absorbed to the southern provincial public service

Copies of the letters of reporting to duties in accordance with transfers and promotions

Three certified copies of each certificate given above must be submitted.


The way of forwarding for approval.

Zonal Director   Provincial Director   Secretary of   → Chief Secretary

of Education             of  Education                 the Ministry


02. The Officers who have not imported a motor car or purchased a motor car manufactured locally during the period of five years immediately before the date of submitting the application (the period of five years is calculated from the date of opening the letter of credit (the date referred to in the   custom document) relevant to it if the motor car is imported and from the date of making the first payment if the locally manufactured motor car is purchased.)may make application.