Southern Provincial Ministry of Education, Land & Land Development , Highways & Information


Ministry of Education, Land & Land Development , Highways & Information

Role of the Planning Division

  • Identification of development project proposals belonging to the Ministry, implementation of estimates, monitoring, follow up, progress reporting.

  • Foreign Aid and Project Implementation, Monitoring and Follow-up and Progress Reporting.

  • Maintaining all the information system belonging to the Ministry.

  • Implementation, monitoring and follow up and progress reporting of projects provided by line ministries.

  • Control of progress through the coordination of the institutions and departments belonging to the Ministry.

  • Strengthening all the institutions and departments belonging to the Ministry.

  • Activities related to approving the annual plans of schools.

  • Performing duties related to District Coordinating Committees and Divisional Coordinating Committees.

  • Implementation of Member Provision Development Programs

  • Provide answers to Parliamentary Parliamentary Questions, Provincial Council Issues and Deals on Letters Received by the Secretariat of the Council.

  • Coordinating with the Hon. Minister in charge of the subject.

  • Activities related to educational research and development.

  • Update and maintain information on closed schools.

  • Disaster management activities in the areas under the purview of the Ministry.

Special programs

  • World Bank Assistance Project.

  • "Jayasanka" Program.

  • "Sisu Tharana" program.

  • Jayasak Teacher, Educational, Official, Child Honor Program

  • Peace and Reconciliation Programs.

  • Student Mental Health Development.

  • "We are all together" program.

  • School based financial grants.

  • Educational extracurricular programs.

  • School Infrastructure Development - Furniture Repair.

  • Strengthening Zonal Education Offices.

  • Teacher Evaluation Program.

  • Evaluating students who have achieved at the national level and relevant schools.

  • Principal and Teacher Capacity Development Program.

  • Educational extracurricular programs.

  • Providing musical instruments.
  • Achievements

    GCE (O / L) - Southern Province

    5 Grade Scholarship Examination

    2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
    Provincial level 74.71 88.19 86.56 81.2 75.67 82.74 82.01
    National level 69.44 78.96 76.33 75.67 69.4 79.09 78.01


    The total staff of the Planning Division consists of 18 Director (Planning) Officers and Staff Officers who act as the Chief Staff Officer of the Division. Accordingly, it consists of Technical Officer (01), Development Officer (9), Public Management Service Officer (03) and Office Assistant (02).

    Active special programs for the year 2020

    Rural School Development Project

    Overall purpose:

    Establishment of 45 alternatively equipped primary and secondary schools with similar human and physical facilities in order to reduce the congestion in the Grade 1 of the most popular schools in the Southern Province from 2020 to 2024.

    Special purposes:

    • Minimize the risk of school closures
    • Reducing congestion for popular schools
    • Increasing the student stay rate to 98%
    • Increase student enrollment rate to 98%
    • Maintaining the beliefs of the students in the primary classes at the level of 0%