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Promotion in the Sri Lanka Teachers Service

Letter of promotion is issued to the particular teacher by the Southern provincial Ministry of education via the principal of the school. For that the documents listed below should be sent to the Southern Provincial Ministry of Education via the Zonal Director of Education and the Provincial Director of Education.
  1. Application for the promotion (please download)
  2. Certified copy of the appointment letter on permanent basis
  3. Certified copy of the log of assumption of duties
  4. Copies of appointments and promotions according to the old and new service minutes of Sri Lanka Teachers’ Service
  5. Certified copies of appointment letter, letter of confirmation of the service
  6. Report on disciplinary actions and audit queries
  7. Certified copies of the letters of absorption to new minute of the Teachers’ Service
  8. Result certification letters of Teacher training/ graduation/ post-graduation
  9. Others (if relevant)